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Watch | The Dead Heavys – Liquidator


Waterford based indie-rock outfit the Dead Heavys have released their new music video for the track ‘Liquidator’.

Featuring some very interesting imagery and animation, created by Matthew Reilly from ‘Lick My Style’, the video for ‘Liquidator’ is a collage of contrasted visuals that use brief flourishes of color to offset to the video’s monochrome backdrop.

The song itself is a thunderous indie-rock track that melds straight-up rock and blues into one working melting pot that nicely captures the Waterford band’s live sound.

With it’s crunching guitars, sweeping organ underbelly, persistant piano and upfront vocal sound ‘Liquidator’ rips its way through three minute running time moving from set-piece to set-piece.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Liquidator’ by the Dead Heavys. The single itself is available now via FREE download here.

Video by Matthew Reilly from ‘Lick My Style’

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