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Listen | The Last Mixed Tape’s March 2015 playlist


A monthly feature to the Last Mixed Tape, here we look back at some of the stand-out tracks released or reviewed on T.L.M.T this March.

Following on from the palpable momentum of last month’s musical output March 2015 saw the return of Little Xs For Eyes with the brilliant ‘Logical Love’, Paddy Hanna’s brand new single ‘Austria’ and the first glimpse into the Hard Ground’s full Triptych album with ‘Pucker’.

Also featuring in the February edition of T.L.M.T’s monthly playlist are: Little Xs For Eyes, Rusangano Family, the Would Be’s, Paddy Hanna, O Emperor, the Hard Ground, Naoise Roo and more.

Listen to the The Last Mixed Tape’s March 2015 playlist below. See full track listing at the end of the page.

The Last Mixed Tape’s March playlist tracks listing:
Little Xs For Eyes – Logical Love
Rusangano Family – Wasteman
O Emperor – The Sky Is Your Oyster
Fight Like Apes – Pretty Keen On Centrefolds
Tell No Foxx – Dust
The Hard Ground – Pucker
Paddy Hanna – Austria
Blooms – Fall
Naoise Roo – For You
Dott – Car Song
Alarmist – Morning, Kepler
Orchid Collective – Figure It Out
Young Wonder – Enchanted
Ambient Affair – Prophet
Race the Flux – Big Fig
Half of Me – Harbour
Dr. Duloc – Madison
The Would Be’s – Bittersweet
Able Archer – The Warden
My Tribe Your Tribe – Only A Horizon
This Other Kingdom – The Day, Your Day
Leo Drezden – Black Palace

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