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Cloud Castle Lake – Glacier

Cloud Castle Lake

Dublin based three-piece Cloud Castle Lake have unveiled their latest music video for the single ‘Glacier’.

Directed by Cáit Fahey, the strong contrast of colored lighting and shadow coupled with the serene camera work results in a video that blends with the rhythm and atmosphere that permeates from Cloud Castle Lake’s latest single.

Building with the ever evolving sound of the music, Fahey’s direction begins to augment the imagery with the effect becoming more and more prominent, culminating in intense bursts of flashing multi-colored visuals that flicker and dominate the screen.

Mirroring the dynamic nature of Cloud Castle Lake’s sound in a visual way, Cáit Fahey video for ‘Glacier’ is a visually compelling and well-crafted companion to the sheer, ethereal energy of the trio’s music.

Taken from the expanded edition of Cloud Castle Lake’s stunning debut E.P. Dandelion, ‘Glacier’ is an equally evocative and sonically dense track that more than meets the grand-scale sound of the band’s first record, fitting into the original track listing in a way that feels natural to its overall production and mood.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Glacier’. The single itself is out from today (March 16th) via iTunes

Directed by Cáit Fahey.

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