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White Sage – Way Beyond Our Means


The Last Mixed Tape review’s Andy Walsh’s new solo project White Sage and his E.P. Way Beyond Our Means

With White Sage electro minimalist playing with rhythm and tone, songs like the title-track and ‘Will o’ the Wisp’ merging gentle and aggressive sounds into one working whole Way Beyond Our Means provides an immersive, and at times visceral listening experience.

The centre-piece of Way Beyond Our Means however is ‘Parnell Street June 1955’. With its post-rock meets Eno at most ambient sound, the song is simple beautiful and serves as possibly the most engaging, focused piece of music Walsh has written (and I’m saying that as a fan of Rhythm & Pals).

A genuinely meditative experience, the bang and clatter that fills the background of songs such as the E.P’s title track feel subdues by the twinkling, minimalist overtones of the music. Creating a record with a defined textural depth.

What is so striking about Way Beyond Our Means is how gently ambient the E.P. is in comparison to Andy Walsh’s previous work with I Heart the Monster Hero and God Hates Disco. While still merging that sound collage approach that occupies much of his music there’s something about White Sage that feels more heartfelt.

Rating: 8/10

Way Beyond Our Means by White Sage is due for release on March 20th.

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