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The North Sea – Whelan’s Upstairs

the north sea

Dublin post-punk act the North Sea launched the release of their new single ‘Drinking Alone’ with a show in Whelan’s upstairs venue last Friday night.

Bringing their distinct tonally dense take on post-punk to the stage the North Sea seemed at home performing and translating the full-scale sound of their studio work live.

Through live renditions of their stand-out singles ‘In Love’ and ‘Drinking Alone’ the North Sea created an intensity and inclusiveness to the show that grabbed the attention of those in attendance.

What was more interesting about the gig was the depth of quality the band have in their set list already. Debuting new tracks as well as more familiar ones the North Sea’s music was given more context with each track feeling cohesive in relation to the last.

The North Sea’s music heartfelt and compelling, translated into the live realm their sound loses non of its impact (unnecessary covers of Bronski Beat aside). Crafted out the group’s indie-pop put through a post-punk filtered sound the band’s live set contains the same engrossing feel as their studio work.

In a broader context, the North Sea’s continued development and promise is given an added sense of gratification when experienced with a full crowd clearly appreciating and supporting a band on the verge of something very special indeed. And with the Irish music scene itself in a state of augmented evolution, it’s exciting to see which way the tide is going and how the North Sea are one of the acts at the forefront of this.

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