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Listen | The Last Mixed Tape’s February 2015 playlist

Young Wonder (Photographed by Sarah Doyle)

A monthly feature to the Last Mixed Tape, here we look back at some of the stand-out tracks released or reviewed on T.L.M.T this February.

Following on from the palpable momentum of last month’s musical output February 2015 saw the return of O Emperor with ‘Switchblade’ and Young Wonder with ‘Intergalactic’, a brilliant introduction to Cut Once with ‘Institution’ and the continued growth of Meltybrains? with their latest single ‘Donegal/IV’.

Also featuring in the February edition of T.L.M.T’s monthly playlist are: Jet Setter, Spies, O Emperor, Subplots, Spines, VANN Music, Princess, Blades Club and more.

Listen to the The Last Mixed Tape’s February 2015 playlist below. See full track listing at the end of the page.

The Last Mixed Tape’s February 2015 playlist track listing:
1. Blades Club – Asian Babes
2. O Emperor – Switchblade
3. Spines – The Void
4. Young Wonder – Intergalatic
5. Cloud Castle Lake – Glacier
6. Meltybrains? – Donegal
7. Subplots – Future Tense
8. Cut Once – Institution
9. Princess – Black Window
10. Race The Flux – Go! Dive! Ahh!!
11. VANN Music – Boy
12. Jet Setter – Forget About It
13. Otherkin – Ay Ay
14. Fox Jaw – Siren’s Call
15. Myles Manley – I Love Her Family
16. Spies – Sea Creatures

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