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I Have A Tribe – Biscayne (live)


After a brief hiatus the brilliant Live At Unit-1 Sessions return with possibly their most affecting performance to date, from songwriter I Have A Tribe.

The perfect marriage of setting, visuals and artist the live video of I Have Tribe’s performance of ‘Biscayne’ feels right at home within the chiaroscuro aesthetic of Unit-1 studio.

From the opening slips and gentle hits of reverb that prelude I Have A Tribe’s carefully constructed performance the scene is set for the musician to weave his distinctive vocal nuances into the trembling shimmer of guitar that accompanies it.

With brief, pointed shafts of light illuminating the songwriter the camera works it way in step with the swaying mood of the music, using beautifully captured visual moments and movements that appear in flashes during I Have A Tribe’s deeply emotive delivery. All of which combines to create an equally evocative watch.

Returning on a very strong note, that instantly conveys the specific special characteristic which has singled the Live At Unit 1 Sessions as riveting showcase of some of the Irish music scenes most unique talents. Welcome back.

Click above to watch I Have A Tribe’s stunning live performance of ‘Biscayne’ in Unit-1 Studios, Dublin. Click here to watch other videos from the series.

Video filmed and edited by Laura Sheeran
Audio recorded and mixed by Marc Aubele at Unit1 Studios

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