Listen | Elastic Sleep stream new demo entitled ‘No Horizon’

Elastic Sleep

Cork based dream-pop act Elastic Sleep are currently streaming a new demo track called ‘No Horizon’, available to listen to until this Friday (January 23rd).

Following the release of the visceral single ‘Slip’, Elastic Sleep have unveiled the noise and reverb swamped demo for ‘No Horizon’.

Featuring the group’s distinctive melding of harsh, swirling distorted sound against the more gentle, ethereal texture of vocalist Muireann Levis ‘No Horizon’ showcases exactly what is so affecting and original about the Cork based band.

Indeed, the notion that this version of the song is a “demo”, therefore a work in progress, is in and off itself and tantalizing prospect. It’ll be interesting to hear how Elastic Sleep mould and reshape the already impressive sound of ‘No Horizon’ in the studio.

Click below to listen to Elastic Sleep’s brand new demo entitled ‘No Horizon’. 

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