Alien Envoy – Resolution

Alien Envoy have unveiled a star-studded, cameo driven music video for ‘Resolution’ just in time for New Year’s.

Taken from the group’s brilliant new album Loads (read the Last Mixed Tape’s full review here) the video for ‘Resolution’ is an edgy, off-kilter visual accompaniment for the taut punk driven rhythm and feel of Alien Envoy’s latest single.

Directed by Alien Envoy’s Nick Kelly and featuring a myriad of well-known faces including Cait O’Riordan, Tom Dunne, Panti Bliss, Mario Rosenstock, John Kelly and more, the video cuts and jumps from line to line with the same percussive precision found in the song’s to-the-point delivery until the final lift in intensity at the end.

For a full list of who appears in Alien Envoy’s music video for ‘Resolution’ see below, to watch the video itself click above.

Directed & Produced by Nick Kelly
Director of Photography- Susan Gleeson
Camera & Lighting Assistant- Patrick O Brien
Production Manager- Michael Donnelly
Editing & Post Production by Screenscene

I will not eat carbs after six [Tom Dunne]
I will not try to impress pricks [Kate McGrew ]
I will reply to every mail [Eleanor Tiernan ]
I will go running rain or hail [Roger Gregg]
I will close my facebook account [Cristina Marquez Morales]
I will just watch the pennies mount [David McWilliams]
I will not rinse grounds down the sink [Steve Wall]
I will give up the demon drink [Cait O’Riordan]
I will not always be so late [Nick Kelly as White Rabbit]
I will not rise to every bait [Mario Rosenstock as Vincent Browne]
I will recycle, vote and floss [Zeenat Surami]
I will show everyone who’s boss [Gary Cooke as Vid Licious]
I will write pages every day [Julia Kelly]
I will not sit through boring plays [Pat Kinevane]
I will not try to throw handstands [Rosa Magahy-Manning]
I will go out to more new bands [John Kelly]
I will not fall out with old friends [Brian Hogan with Anthony Gibney]
I will not try to make amends [Sean Millar with Dave Judge]
I will not try to drive and text [Peter Coonan]
I will enjoy more frequent sex [Graham Bolger]
I will not wear brown shoes with jeans [Panti Bliss]
I will find out what all this means [Nick Kelly]
And I will not fear death [Band et al]
And I will not fear life [band et al]

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