Listen | No Monster Club return with ‘Arms Across America’

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No Monster Club return with their first song in a year with ‘Arms Across America’.

The band’s first new material since the release of their album Foie Gras in 2013, ‘Arms Across America’ is a manic and creativity vibrant augmentation of the indie-pop genre and will feature on No Monster Club’s upcoming L.P People Are Weird (due out in January 2015).

Melding various contorted indie hooks and percussive jolts into its thrashing lo-fi tinged production, No Monster Club’s singular sound is a gloriously unique, yet cohesive, take on various garage, D.I.Y and alternative music styles, and once again establishes the band (and songwriter Bobby Ahearn) as one of the countries most individually driven acts.

Click below to listen to No Monster Club new track ‘Arms Across America’.

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