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The Last Mixed Tape Reader’s Top 20 E.P’s of 2014

Stephen White

Voting has been open for 2 weeks with 34 E.P’s to choose from, and now we can reveal who the Last Mixed Tape Reader’s have voted the Top 20 E.P’s of 2014. And it’s a very interesting list…

20. Silences – Sister Snow
Indie-folk act Silences start our top 20 with their second E.P. Sister Snow. Read TLMT’s full review here.

19. Otherkin – As A High
Otherkin’s latest E.P. As A High proved a breakthrough record for the band. Read TLMT’s full review here.

18. Tony Fitz – Just Another Day
Songwriter Tony Fitz’ ambitious E.P/Graphic Novel release Just Another Day makes it into our reader’s top 20. Read TLMT’s full review here.

17. Foxglove – Go The Underdog
Cork based alternative-pop act Foxglove’s E.P. Go The Underdog provided a transitional look at the artist’s evolution as a songwriter. Read T.L.M.T’s full review here.

16. The Casanova Wave – Sundown Yellow Moon
The Casanova Wave’s collaborative E.P. Sundown Yellow Moon delivered one of 2014’s most memorable singles with ‘New Sensation’. Read TLMT’s full review here.

15. Aoife Underwater – On The Cusp
Electronic act Aoife Underwater’s sonically vivid E.P. On The Cusp resonated with the Last Mixed Tape readers this year. Read the full review here.

14. Gangs – Back To School
Dublin indie-rock band Gangs made an impact with their debut record Back To School this year, it will be interesting to see what comes next from the four-piece. Read TLMT’s full review here.

13. The Hard Ground – Triptych: One
The first in a series of E.P’s Triptych:One was a captivating four-track record from the Hard Ground. Read TLMT’s full review here.

12. Shookrah – Implicit Content
A funk and soul infused debut, Shookrah’s E.P. Implicit Content takes the number twelve spot in our reader’s poll. Read TLMT’s full review here.

11. Acrobat – Flux
Indie-rock outfit Acrobat’s sophomore E.P. Flux makes this year’s top 20. Read TLMT’s full review here.

10. Eulogys – Hush
Indie-pop duo Eulogy’s intricately structured E.P. Hush starts our top 10 E.P’s of 2014. Read TLMT’s full review here.

9. Blooms – If
Bloom’s debut E.P. If makes it into both TLMT’s and our readers top 10 E.P’s of 2014 lists. Read TLMT’s full review here.

8. Travis Oaks – Travis Oaks
Travis Oaks blistering three track debut E.P. was an impactful introduction to the group’s blues-rock/rock ‘n’ roll sound. Read TLMT’s full review here.

7. Brian Casey – Rain Songs
Singer-songwriter Brian Casey’s mood-driven E.P. Rain Songs makes a well-deserved appearance in our reader’s top 20. Read TLMT’s full review here.

6. Ana Gog – Resemblance
A strong E.P. from Ana Gog that certainly bodes well for their next full length release. Read TLMT’s full review here.

5. Half of Me – 99
Alternative-rock trio make it into our top 5 E.P’s of 2014 with their debut E.P. 99.

4. The Daily Howl – The Daily Howl
Wicklow five-piece the Daily Howl’s self-titled debut E.P. takes the number 4 spot. Read TLMT’s full review here.

3. Anna Mitchell – Fall Like That
Cork singer-songwriter Anna Mitchell’s alternative-country inflected E.P.Fall Like That proved to be a well-crafted introduction to the artist’s solo work. Read TLMT’s full review here.

2. Voids – Begin
Electronic duo Voids made a real impression on TLMT reader’s this year with their debut E.P, reaching second place in our top 20. Read TLMT’s full review here.

1. Pockets – Raison d’être
And the Last Mixed Tape Readers E.P. of the year 2014 goes to Pockets with their stellar debut Raison d’être. Choosing to opt for mood and tone over impact the band’s first record showed a maturity that served them well. A well-deserved number one (the first in TLMT’s history) for a group who have shown a lot of promise. Read TLMT’s full review here.

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