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I Heart the Monster Hero – Bozo Vs Slug

I Heart the Monster Hero have unveiled a joyously dizzying and frenetic new music video for the track ‘Bozo Vs Slug’.

Directed by Sean Zissou, the visuals are a swirling, spinning mirror for I Heart the Monster Hero’s own unique pysch-pop sound.

Bounding with creativity and set to the propellent percussion of ‘Bozo Vs Slug’ (taken from the group’s debut album Rhythm & Pals) Zissou visually captures the frantic, D.I.Y nature of the music with inventive camera work (a drill-mounted GoPro), setting (a dog park), fast paced editing and digital effects.

Constantly building in its layered imagery and speed Sean Zissou’s video for ‘Bozo Vs Slug’ is surreal, irrepressibly individualistic and fun. A creative and inventive video from one of Ireland most unique acts.

The song’s parent album Rhythm & Pals is out now and features in TLMT’s Top 20 Albums of 2014 (click here to read the full list).

Click above to watch the music video for I Hear the Monster Hero’s ‘Bozo Vs Slug’. 

Directed by Sean Zissou

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