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Ailbhe Reddy – Dwell


Singer-songwriter Ailbhe Reddy delivers a harmony driven record with her debut E.P. Dwell.

From the persistent acoustic rhythm of ‘Flesh & Blood’ the melody soaked in reverb atmosphere of Dwell is clear and confidently established in the E.P’s opening moments.

Through songs like ‘Cover Me’ and ‘Love of Your Son’ the serene, calm tone is fully realised though gentle piano, softly performed vocals and layered harmonies. All of which culminate in creating the stylised folk sound of Dwell.

With it’s deftly crafted interplay and warm sounding melody driven tone, ‘Swan Song’ stands out as the centre-piece of Dwell while also featuring several flickers of Glen Hansard-esque characteristics. Indeed, there are times when the four-tracks do occupy a similar space to Hansard’s Rhythm & Repose.

Dwell finds it’s centre in the great swells of harmony that give the record an expansive folk sound as well as an organic “live in your room”/Crosby,Stills & Nash feel. While this is not a dramatic reinvention of the genre, it does work to fully support Reddy’s songwriting which seems to be the purpose of the entire production on the record and finds it’s place in Ireland’s bustling indie-folk scene.

Dwell is a record filled with twinkling folk inflections and narrative songwriting. Small in its aspirations but big on heart, the E.P. work’s showcase Ailbhe Reddy as songwriter. Through personal storytelling backed by warm, full-bodied production Reddy’s music is both promising and honest.

Rating: 8/10

Dwell by Ailbhe Reddy is due for release on December 13th.

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