Listen | R.S.A.G returns with his new single ‘Don’t Move So Fast’



Always an attention grabbing occasion, Rarely Seen Above Ground has returned with a new single entitled ‘Don’t Move So Fast’.

One of Ireland’s most distinctive and instantly recognizable artists, R.S.A.G makes a powerful return with the joyously infectious, beat infused track ‘Don’t Move So Fast’. The second single to be taken from his eagerly awaited third studio album.

Urgent and engrossing, the artist’s latest release is a pulsating collage of organic and electronic elements melded together by R.S.A.G’s keen ear for filling the space between his propellant rhythms with interesting and unique sounds.

Whether it’s a breath, a shimmering jangle of percussion, a pop of synth texture or even the zipping of a jacket, R.S.A.G finds musical potential in the sounds around him.

Speaking about the influence behind his latest output R.S.A.G states: “This is a reflection on the digital age and on our ever decreasing attention spans”.

Indeed, you can feel this frantic, manic edge and pace of the music playing into this concept fully as the track builds to a heart pounding crescendo.

Click below to listen to R.S.A.G’s new single ‘Don’t Move So Fast’.  Catch R.S.A.G.’s explosive live show at Central Hall, Waterford on Friday December 5th and at the Grand Social, Dublin on Friday 12th.

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