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The Minutes – Odessa Club


Last Wednesday night The Minutes took part in a pre-gig Q&A before providing a rollicking live set as part of the Odessa Club’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

Opening with a strikingly frank and upfront interview with Deputy Editor of Hot Press Stuart Clark, the Minutes spoke honestly about the recording of their latest album Live Well, Change Often.

Exploring the uneasy experience the trio had during the record’s making, the group seemed intent on focusing on their future. Alluding to returning to the studio as soon as possible, the Minutes also hinted at a “secret weapon” they have hidden up their sleeve going into their third album.

Moving onto their live set, the Minutes brought the same intensity that came across in the band’s answers during Stuart Clark’s interview.

Powerful, irrepressible and attention grabbing, band members Mark Austin and Tom Cosgrave bounded about the Dublin venue jumping up on tables, interacting with the crowd and, at one point, taking someone’s empty seat. While drummer Shane Kinsella propelled the music forward with his characteristically big percussive style.

Turning the usually intimate atmosphere of the Odessa Club into a close-quarters venue feel, the Minutes blasted through versions of ‘Cherry Bomb’, the stand-out ‘Supernatural and a high-tempo elongated rendition of ‘Guilt Quilt’, taken from the band’s debut album Marcata.

A fitting performance to celebrate the Odessa Club’s 10th birthday, the mixture of Q&A as well as live music suited the setting, showcasing the venue’s versatility in terms of the musical styles it can host.

The Minutes were as brilliant and dynamic as ever, and with 2015 looming on the horizon it will be interesting to see how the three-piece make good on the promise of new “heavier” music in the future.

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