Listen | Meltybrains? stream new track ‘IV’


Dublin electronic outfit Meltybrains? are currently streaming their latest track ‘IV’. 

Moving from broad, sweeping grooving electronica to more ambient, minimalist tinged passages that showcase the space and depth of Meltybrains? sound, ‘IV’ covers a wide spectrum during it’s five and a half-minute running time.

Twisting and turning throughout, ‘IV’ merges several disparate genres into a beautifully engaging singular sound that mirrors the band’s own unique nature.

Big. bold and populated by large-scale dense electronic fused dynamic lifts, ‘IV’ is as engrossing and individualistic a track as you’re likely to hear this year. It will be exciting to hear what Meltybrains? will have in store following this release.

Click below to listen to Meltybrains? stunning new song ‘IV’.

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