Listen | Katie Kim streams new song ‘Really Far’

(Photo: Ivana Patarčić)

(Photo: Ivana Patarčić)

One of Ireland’s most unique and evocative songwriter’s Katie Kim has unveiled some new material in the shape of her stunning new track ‘Really Far’.

With its persistent piano rhythm, subtle sweeping string work and hushed vocal, ‘Really Far’ contains all the sense of tension, mood and tone that Kim has always so intricately weaved around her music.

Beautiful yet foreboding, enchanting and mesmerizing, this latest insight into what could be the direction of Katie Kim’s upcoming third studio album is an exciting one.

As singular and uncompromising as ever ‘Really Far’ once again gives the Irish music scene a glimpse at one of our most individualistic and important songwriting talents (in a time where hyperbole has led to other, more conventional, artists being identified as such).

It has been almost three years since Katie Kim released her monumental sophomore double album Cover & Flood (released in 2012), and the interim has seen the artist lose none of her uniqueness. Instead, ‘Really Far’ (whether it appear on Kim’s third L.P. or not) is an affirmation of her continued evolution as songwriter.

Click below to listen to Katie Kim’s new song ‘Really Far’.

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