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Buffalo Sunn – Ocean

Photo by Emma Hopkins

Indie-rock act Buffalo Sunn have unveiled the music video for ‘Ocean’ taken from the band’s new album By The Ocean By The Sea.

Directed by Daragh Murphy and picking up from where the band’s previous timeline warping ‘By Your Side’ music video left off, ‘Ocean’ takes on a more frantic, urgent visual aesthetic.

Combining hand-held camera work with the vast woodland vista’s seen in ‘By Your Side’, the video rattles and moves to the beat of Buffalo Sunn’s immensely percussive new single.

Playing with surrealist narrative leanings, the band are given chase from an unknown entity. Leading to visual twist in the tail Murphy naturally opens the scope of the video during the finale as the locale suddenly changes from the enclosed woodland to the openness of a large beachfront to a deliberately ambiguous ending.

A suitably intense and dramatic video from director Daragh Murphy for a song that pounds with intent, Buffalo Sunn’s sound is given the perfect visual setting.

Click above to watch the music video for Buffalo Sunn’s new single ‘Ocean’. The song’s parent L.P. By The Ocean By The Sea is out this Friday, October 10th via Reekus Records.

Video produced and edited by Daragh Murphy

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