Listen | Monster Monster unveil debut track ‘Assassin’

Monster Monster

Dublin based alternative-pop duo Monster Monster have unveiled their debut single ‘Assassin’. 

Comprised of singer-songwriter Riona Sally Hartman and Mick Stuart, who recently collaborated on the jazz project Dig A Little Deeper, Monster Monster sees the pair take something of a sonic sea-change with their latest track ‘Assassin’.

Imbued with a darker, grittier tone the music showcases flourishes of alternative-pop edge and pounding percussive parts that undercut Hartman’s verging on the menacing vocal performance.

An expansion and experimentation in sound from both artists, Monster Monster is an exciting new project with a great sense of mood and space. Coupled with the new single’s highly stylised production it will be interesting to hear how Hartman and Stuart continue to evolve this deeply dramatic and thematic direction.

Click below to watch the (un)official music video for ‘Assassin’ by Monster Monster featuring inter cut footage from Quentin Tarantino’s 2003 revenge film Kill Bill.

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