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Cloud Castle Lake – Sync

Cloud Castle Lake have released their new music video for the track ‘Sync’, taken from the trio’s debut E.P. Dandelion.

Directed by Eoin McLoughlin, the perfectly matched slow-moving visual ambience of the video captures the ethereal sound of Cloud Castle Lake’s current record brilliantly.

Imbued with a calm, serene style McLoughlin’s direction results in imagery that suits the singular nature of the band’s music, while also giving it an added visual home and dimension.

Fixating on movement the greatly realised design, editing and cinematography of the piece captures the flowing, tension built choreography in well-crafted camera work and organic, windowed locale.

Furthering the cohesive style and aesthetic of Cloud Castle Lakes recent output, the video for ‘Sync’ is a creative and intricately produced mirror of an E.P. that is created with the same sense of time and care.

Click above to watch the video for ‘Sync’ by Cloud Castle Lake. The song’s parent E.P Dandelion is out now.

Director – Eoin McLoughlin
Executive Producer – Rebecca Bourke
Editor – Lindsey Lonergan
Choreographer – Philip Connaughton

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