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Twinkranes – Ghost train (live)

Electronic duo Twinkranes are the latest band to feature as part of the live in Unit-1 series of videos, providing a sonically immense performance of their track ‘Ghost train’. 

From the harmonically dense weight of the group’s electronic sound to the persistent pounding percussion that forms its solid backbone, Twinkranes hypnotic take on the genre is the perfect addition to the Unit-1 series.

With an all-encompassing claustrophobic feel, the close-quarters sound of ‘Ghost train’ pushes down on the listener insisting and holding the attention for the entire performance, which clocks in at just over 8 minutes long.

Set to the flashing and flickering glare of lighting that forms an intense backdrop for the visuals to abruptly weave themselves around, the pressurised mood of the music is given an added dimension by quick cutting close-ups that frantically fixate on each facet of Twinkranes performance. An intense audio and visual experience.

Click above to watch Twinkranes perform live in Unit-1 studios Dublin filmed/edited by Laura Sheeran and recorded/mixed by Marc Aubele. Click here to watch other videos from the series.

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