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The Mighty Stef – Stella

Dublin indie-rock band the Mighty Stef have unveiled their new music video for ‘Stella’, taken from the group’s upcoming album Year of the Horse.

Filmed during the Mighty Stef’s recent tour of the United States by Lindsey Lonergan, the pounding rhythm and upfront sound of ‘Stella’ is matched by the quickly inter-cutting visuals of the band performing and travelling across the country.

Bouncing out of the speakers ‘Stella’ is an impactful and intently directed introduction to the sound of the Dublin act’s forthcoming L.P.

Brimming with the energetic attitude and indie-rock sensibilities that have established the Mighty Stef as one of Ireland’s most engaging rock outfits, the song is an infectious hook-laden track that further showcases the group’s current momentum.

With the sheer force of electricity seen in this latest offering from the Mighty Stef, coupled with the rejuvenated mood of Lindsey Lonergan’s video, it will be interesting to see how this sound is maintain over the course of the Year of the Horse.

Click above to watch the video for ‘Stella’ from the Mighty Stef. 

Video Shot / Directed / Edited By: Lindsey Lonergan

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