Listen | Slow Skies unveil new track ‘Ice Fields’

Slow Skies

Dublin alternative-pop act Slow Skies are currently streaming their latest track. Entitled ‘Ice Fields’ the song is taken from their upcoming E.P. Keepsake

Containing an immense depth of field and textural beauty Slow Skies latest offering is stunning affirmation of the group’s atmospheric sound.

Large-scale dynamic hits crash, shudder the foundations and reverberate within the recording’s vast soundscapes, that themselves a palpable sense of space, while Karen Sheridan’s softly subtle voice forms the very core of ‘Ice Fields’ (coupled with the ebb and flow of the singer’s hushed backing vocals).

Dramatic, evocative and astoundingly produced ‘Ice Fields’ has a defined identity and tone to it that is infectious. Most important is the feeling of creativity and craft behind it. Every element seems deeply considered and related to the sounds and ambience around it, giving a sense of structure to the song as a whole.

An exciting glimpse into the sound of Keepsake, ‘Ice Fields’ could very well be a contender as one of the best songs of 2014, and I say this without hyperbole.

Click below to listen to ‘Ice Fields’ from Slow Skies.

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