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Join Me In The Pines – Should Not Roam

Join Me In The Pines have unveiled their new music video for ‘Should Not Roam’.

Directed by Laura Sheeran, ‘Should Not Roam’ is a video about fluid movement not just from dancer Stephanie Dufresne, but also from Sheeran’s camera work as the pair intertwine and flow to the rhythm of Join Me In The Pine’s mood driven music.

Fixating on the physicality of performance, the slightest motion, the most minor expression, the briefest wind-swept flutter is given a sense of independence and meaning within the atmospheric scope of Sheeran’s visual, set on a suitably isolated but tonally mirrored shoreline.

Culminating in the stunning scene of Dufresne dancing in the sea to the pounding percussion of ‘Should Not Roam’, each gestural turn and beautifully unabandoned movement is caught in the persistent irrepressible nature of the water that surrounds her, as Sheeran’s camera moves and gestures in turn, leading to a finale of great imagery and visual depth.

The perfect melding of music, dance and film the sheer force of unbridled creative expression is captured on all fronts. Cast in a breath-taking locale, captured by astounding direction and centred around an almost hypnotic performance from Stephanie Dufresne, the video for ‘Should Not Roam’ is a shining example of how music video’s can be an organic artistic extension of the sound they are portraying and not just a necessary after thought. Stunning.

Click above to watch the music video for Join Me In The Pines’ ‘Should Not Roam’.

Dancer: Stephanie Dufresne
Filmed by: Laura Sheeran from “Unit1 TV”

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