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Electric Picnic 2015 tickets go on sale at noon today


With the sold-out Electric Picnic 2014 over with what could be considered its biggest event to date in terms of media coverage and  overall scale, the tickets for the 2015 festival will go on sale today.

The limited Early bird tickets will be available from 12 noon today until September 30th and will also incorporate the loyalty scheme the festival has under took in previous years.

For those able to prove they have been to more that 3 Electric Picnic’s tickets will cost €154.50, those who can prove they have attended 1 or 2 will be charged €174.50 and first time festival goers will be able to purchase tickets at €194.50. Instalment plans are also in place to help space out costs.

Proof of attendance can include:

– Email address on booking
– Home address on booking
– Phone number on booking linked to same email
– Bank statement showing debit for ticket (Security details etc. can be blanked out so just the name/address and Electric Picnic purchase show).
– Photos of customer on site which indicate different year e.g. if two photos then they should have changed slightly in appearance, hair style, age and so forth.
– Screen shots of Facebook or other social media showing messages or pictures supporting the claim.
– Wristbands or ticket stubs
– Official Programmes or year marked merchandise.
– Travel or local (to festival) accommodation receipt (dated).

For more information on how to prove your previous Electric Picnic attendances click here. And for ticket info visit Electric Picnic ticket page here or visit

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