Tigwara stream new single ‘Ego’


Following the release of their debut music video ‘New Day Rises’ earlier this year, Limerick based indietronica act Tigwara have unveiled their knew single ‘Ego’.

Keeping a sense of cohesion sonically with the band’s previous release, ‘Ego’ seems to portray a deeper bodied sound with great swells of synth and echoing elements underscoring a growling vocal performance.

Constantly interweaving elements create a textual backdrop that moves both harmonically and rhythmically, whilst also hinting to several U2-esuqe flourishes reminiscent of the their more interesting Achtung Baby – Zoopora period.

Indeed, Tigwara successfully blend the electronic and alternative-rock elements to create a sense of mood and space within the music that is extremely impressive.

In context, ‘Ego’ coupled with ‘New Day Rises’ give a real stylistic feel to the band’s music with the large-scale production suitably supporting the group’s ambitious sound.

Click below to listen to Tigwara’s new single ‘Ego’

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