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Kate’s Party – Bike For Three (Live)

Dublin punk influenced band Kate’s Party recently filmed an acoustic performance live in Whelan’s Parlour bar, Dublin.

Recorded in Whelan’s as part of a special acoustic E.P. Acoustic Sessions E.P. to raise funds for the band’s forthcoming UK tour, the video captures the performance of ‘Bike For Three’ taken from their brilliant debut album Hollow.

Given a hazy visual and the unique setting of the Whelan’s Parlour bar the performance is given an intimate feel. interspersed with hand-held and close-up camera work the visual are unobtrusive and allow the music speak for itself.

What is most interesting about the piece is how Kate’s Party translate their music acoustically. Moving from the full-scale punk-pop sound of the studio version, the duo pair-down ‘Bike For Three’ to it’s core. With the song brought down to its most raw foundations the emotive angle of the lyrical content is given an added pathos.

An serene re-imagining of their studio work performed in a unique locale, the music video for ‘Bike For Three’ and it’s parent E.P. give an interesting insight into the group’s songwriting.

Click above to watch Kate’s Party perform an acoustic rendition of ‘Bike For Three’ live in Whelan’s. Read the Last Mixed Tape’s recent interview with the band here.

Video by: Efa Corwell & Nicholas Campbell.

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