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Bantum – Roll Pt. II (feat. Eimear O’Donovan & Owensie)


Electronic artist Bantum has revealed his latest music video for ‘Roll Pt. II’ Eimear O’Donovan & Owensie.

Directed by J. Cooper, the video for ‘Roll Pt. II’ is a definite and intense tonal shift in terms of sound and visual style compared to the more quirky elements of Bantum’s previous video ‘Oh My Days’.

Cast in a monochrome color palette and brooding with a taut atmosphere, the imagery and pace of the piece take their time to build to the video’s violent central narrative.

Mirroring the isolated feel of Bantum’s latest release, the subtle changes from fast-moving city landscapes to slow-motion scenes between the two main characters (played by Kim Goings & LeAnne Russell), convey the sense of rhythm found within ‘Roll Pt. II’.

Inter-cut with a deliberate to-camera visual of Eimear O’Donovan performing the central vocal, the video racks up the tension leading to its uneasy finale. Which is made all the more affecting by the strong use of editing and cinematography that proceeded it.

Continuing to show the layered dimensions of Bantum’s sound the video for ‘Roll Pt. II’ is a striking effort with that makes a lasting impression, much like the music itself.

Click above to watch the music video for ‘Roll Pt. II’ by Bantum and featuring Eimear O’Donovan & Owensie. The single itself is out now via bandcamp.

Director: J Cooper. (
Director of Photography: Sesse Lind.
Starring: Kim Goings, LeAnne Russell & Eimear O’Donovan.
Producers: J Cooper & Claire McGirr.
Executive Producer: Ruairi Lynch.
PA: Brendan Pike.
Edit & Grade: J Cooper.
Filmed in Brooklyn, New York City

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