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The Mixed-Tape | Blooms – If I

Louise Cunnane

Louise Cunnane

In this edition of our song of the week feature The Mixed-Tape the spotlight turns to Bloom’s latest single ‘If I’.

Taken from Bloom’s stellar début E.P. ‘If I’ highlights the atmospheric weight of the artist’s texturally dense music. Populated by glistening soundscapes and softly resonating harmonics the song create’s a world in and of itself.

With a complete and vast sense of depth, ‘If I’ has a cinematic tone that is undeniably captivating. Pulled in by the ominous mood of the music and brought forward by Louise Cunnane’s perfectly set vocal delivery. The slow-burning nature of the track works through the production’s subtly changing scope.

Performed with a real connection to the lyrical content, Bloom’s vocal melds brilliantly with the soundscape that underscores it. Becoming a part of the harmonic beauty of the track while never becoming overpowered by it, the centre of Cunnane’s sound is found within her ability to convey not just these lyrical themes but also the feel of the music itself.

A powerful and evocative track from an artist that is more than deserving of your attention. ‘If I’ by Blooms could be just a flourish of brilliance from a musician with a lot more to give in the future. An exciting sign of things to come.

It is for these reasons that ‘If I by Blooms is this week’s addition to The Mixed-Tape. The song’s parent E.P. is out nowTo read the previous additions to the feature click here. 

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