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Groom – I’ve Never Been In A Real Fight

‘I’ve Never Been In A Real Fight’ is the new music video from Groom, taken from the indie-pop act’s upcoming album Bread and Jam.

Directed by Ruan van Vliet, the video takes a joyously off-kilter and DIY aesthetic. Depicting songwriter Mike Stevens performing the song outside a slew of bars across Dublin while his band mates embark on a heavy pub crawl, the video’s tone and delivery is a unique subversion of the medium.

Coinciding with the unpredictable nature of its setting and DIY production the video builds to a fun pay-off in its final scene, which I will not spoil here.

The song itself drives with a persistent rhythm and quick-moving lyrical meter. Pushed forward by the fast-talking vocal and thrashing instrumentation, ‘I’ve Never Been In A Real Fight’ has all the characteristics of a future “indie gem”.

Click above to watch the video for ‘I’ve Never Been In A Real Fight’ by Groom. The song’s parent album Bread and Jam is out on August 9th via Popical Island records.

Directed and Edited by: Ruan van Vliet
Camera by: Wil McDermot & Padraig O’Reilly
Costumes: Saileóg O’Halloran

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