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I Heart the Monster Hero album launch at the Workman’s Club


Dublin psych-pop group I Heart the Monster Hero will launch their stellar début album with a show at the Workman’s Club on Friday, July 18th.

Entitled Rhythm & Pals, the band’s first album works as a manic, yet focused, take on the myriad of genres it melds together. With tracks such as ‘Toni Bailey’, ‘Do Dah’ and ‘Bozo Vs Slug’ the record contains flourishes of dynamic brilliance that underscore the hook-laden core of I Heart the Monster Hero’s music. You can read the Last Mixed Tape’s full review here.

The group will celebrate the album’s release with a gig in the Workman’s Club in Dublin. Rhythm & Pals is currently available via iTunes, with physical copies being made available from July 18th.

Tickets to I Heart the Monster Hero’s Rhythm & Pals album launch on July 18th are priced at €10 or €15 with a copy of the album included. For more information visit the events’ Facebook page. Supporting on the night comes from the Holy Sparks and Night Trap.

Click below to watch the album’s teaser trailer.

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