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Top 5 Albums of the year so far… 2014


We are half way through 2014 and it has already been a stellar year for Irish music, with several brilliant albums being released since January. From ground breaking debuts to explosive sophomore releases here is the Last Mixed Tape’s Top 5 albums of the year so far. 

5. Paddy Hanna – Leafy Stiletto 
An album that resonates with great song writing, Paddy Hanna’s debut solo release Leafy Stiletto steeps the artist’s deep lyrical talents within a serene alternative-folk sound. Read the full review hereKey Track: ‘On This Pier Too Long’

4. The Hot Sprockets – Brother Nature
A raucous blues-rock driven record, Brother Nature flickers with the Hot Sprockets best work to date including the bone-shaking ‘Shake Me Off’ and the gentle repose of ‘Homeslice’. Read full review hereKey Track: ‘Homeslice’

3. The Minutes – Live Well, Change Often
Making a raw, blistering return, Live Well, Change Often saw the rock ‘n’ roll influenced trio delivering a pounding, attention grabbing record that energetically moves from one stomping indie-rock gem to the next. Read full review hereKey Track: ‘Supernatural’

2. September Girls – Cursing The Sea
An album of definite atmosphere and tone, the September Girls’ deftly structured first album Cursing The Sea embodies everything that is fiercely individualistic and uncompromising about the band’s sound and works as the perfect affirmation of the group’s powerful take on the noise-pop genre. Key Track: ‘Sister’

1. Sleep Thieves – You Want The Night
Sleep Thieves’ stunning E.P Islands gave a brief glimpse at the sonic weight behind the electro-pop act’s music. You Want The Night not only delivers on this promise but expands upon it with an album that flashes with pure brilliance. The group’s ability to create soundscapes that capture the imagination from start to finish is a testament to the trio’s immense talent. Read full review hereKey Track: ‘Sparks’

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