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Kate’s Party – Hallenbad (live)

Alternative-rock act Kate’s Party have unveiled a live music video of the group performing their track ‘Hallenbad’ during Record Store Gay at the Pantibar in Dublin.

Opening with an ominous syncopated beat the video fades into focus as the camera hazily moves and sways from shot to shot, while Kate’s Party build the tense atmosphere and dynamic feel of ‘Hallenbad’ (the stand-out track of the group’s brilliant début Hollow).

Captured within the black & white aesthetic and softly swirling lighting that illuminates each member of the band, every emotive flourish and great dynamic lift of Kate’s Party’s performance is caught almost hypnotically inside the camera’s passive perspective.

A brilliant documentation of group just beginning their ascendancy, the video encapsulates the cohesive edge and pin-point live sound of Kate’s Party.

Indeed when listened to in context with the album version of ‘Hallenbad’ the Dublin act’s ability to convey the scope and feel found in their studio work into the live realm is stunning, resulting in an engrossing, captivating showcase of a band more than deserving of your attention.

Click above to watch Kate’s Party perform ‘Hallenbad’ at the Pantibar in Dublin. Read The Last Mixed Tape’s review of the band’s début album Hollow here.

Filmed by: Sarah Dempsey


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