Join Me In The Pines – Odessa Club (Culture Vultures)


Join Me In The Pines performed as part of Tony Clayton-Lea’s Culture Vultures showcase in the Odessa Club last night. Providing the musical segment of the show Dave Geraghty’s new solo project gave an exciting glimpse into the artist’s forthcoming album.

With Dublin city overcome by World Cup fever, the Dame district outside the Odessa Club banged and rattled with the ambient noise of raucous football fans.

In stark contrast, the Culture Vultures club provided a serene, candle-lit atmosphere for Join Me In The Pines deft intricately performed music to populate.

Indeed Geraghty and his band softly subdued the external distraction through the deep bodied feel of opener ‘Golden Guilt’ as those in attendance were held captivated and enthralled by the sheer melodic beauty conveyed with each note.

Suiting the subtle tone of the night, Join Me In The Pine’s set flickered with several flourishes of dynamic harmony.

Blending organic acoustic instrumentation with soundscapes created by resonating reverb, underscored by electronic elements, there’s a certain filmic quality to Join Me In Pines sound.

Moving from intimate, gently placed moments to open full band passages the group were able to craft the overall feel of the set and provide an engrossing aesthetic to the show.

Adding a fun aspect to the night Geraghty performed a brilliant ukulele based rendition of Prince’s seminal single ‘I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man’. Backed by the group breath-taking backing vocal harmonies Join Me In The Pines sound translated and melded the track into band’s own distinct style.

Bringing the June edition of Culture Vultures to a close, Join Me In The Pine’s performance fit the eclectic mood and tone of the event set by Peter Murphy (who read his ‘cover version’ of James Joyce’s The Dead) and Tony Clayton-Lea’s insightful public interview with novelist Dr. Oona Frawley.

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