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Brigid Power-Ryce – I Told You The Truth (live)


Brigid Power-Ryce makes a heart breakingly beautiful addition to the live at Unit-1 series with her performance of ‘I Told You The Truth’.

From the gentle strumming of the song’s introduction Brigid Power-Ryce radiates a tranquil yet deeply evocative sound that resonates softly, allowing the artist to build and augment a performance of great emotional honesty.

In the moment Power-Ryce delivers the opening vocal passage of ‘I Told You The Truth’, the undeniable talent of the musician is brought forth with each reaching trembling note.

Weaving itself around the accompanying instrumentation the soaring vocal dynamics of her performance carry and break against the lyrical expressionism that forms each line, conveying the feeling and emotion behind the song.

Indeed there’s seems to be something mystical and completely captivating about Brigid Power-Ryce’s ethereal, enchanting voice.

Moving in turn to the swaying, lingering sound of ‘I Told You The Truth’ the camera seems to dance upon the visuals, surrounding and suddenly holding the artist illuminated by the strong shafts of light that populate the studio.

To my eternal shame Brigid Power-Ryce was not an artist I was familiar with prior to this video, a fact I (and indeed everyone) should, and will quickly remedy. Stunning.

Click above to watch Brigid Power-Ryce perform ‘I Told You The Truth’ live in Unit-1 studios Dublin filmed by Laura Sheeran and recorded by Marc Aubele. Click here to watch other videos from the series.

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