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Featuring X – Wild Love

Wild Love

Dublin-based rock outfit Featuring X have unveiled their latest music video for the band’s upcoming single ‘Wild Love’.

Taking its visual cues from Robert Palmer’s 1986 video ‘Addicted to Love’, director Gavin Kilduff deftly recreates the retro VHS aesthetic of the era to give Featuring X’s latest promo a suitably highly stylised feel, which also includes a sudden twist in visual spectrum as a rattling drum fill introduces a more modern HD scope to the piece.

Interspersed with jolting percussion, fuzz-laden melodic guitar passages and snarling vocals ‘Wild Love’ shudders as the large-scale rock production of the track incorporates Featuring X’s clear pop-sensibilities with the song joyfully bouncing from hook to hook. And while a little more grit and edge would have been welcome, the single’s frantic pace rarely stops long enough for this to be an issue.

A faithful homage to Palmer’s career defining video, Kilduff and his crew add several visual, stylistic and production flourishes to ensure the piece is not a shot-for-shot remake and successfully carries across the pounding, hook-laden sound of Featuring X’s music.

Click above to watch the new music video for ‘Wild Love’ from Featuring X. The single itself is out on June 26th via iTunes.


Directed by: Gavin Kilduff
Edited by: Andrew Jordan
Hair by: Michelle Bolger (
Makeup by: Grace Murphy MUA & Kayliegh Dillion MUA [Avant Garde Make Up Academy & Studio]

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