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Vann Music – Tina

Dublin electro-pop outfit Vann Music have unveiled the music video for their latest single ‘Tina’.

Directed by Myles O’Reilly, the grounded narrative follows the trials and tribulations of single mother, Tina. Through O’Reilly’s direction the spiralling feel of the character’s story-arc is conveyed through deftly shot visuals that captures the feeling of helplessness and struggle.

With the tension built leading up to the video’s finale, translated through Myles O’Reilly’s voyeuristic camera work, writers Bryan Quinn and Bobby McGlynn give a sudden, well-timed, comedic twist to the narrative brilliantly portrayed by actress Pam McGlynn.

Underscored by Vann Music’s glistening, neon music and the hook-laden sound of ‘Tina’ the glowing imagery, deep tones and stylised cinematography of the video works to accompany the single with an engaging visual.

Brimming with evolving, pulsating synth textures the electro-pop act’s latest release ‘Tina’ captures Vann Music’s infectious sound with a large-scale production aesthetic and broad sonic spectrum.

Click above to watch Vann Music’s new video for ‘Tina’, directed by Myles O’Reilly. The single itself is out now.


Directed by: Myles O’Reilly
Written by: Bryan Quinn & Bobby McGlynn
Starring: Pam McGlynn

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