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Tigwara – New Day Rises


Limerick-based indietronica act Tigwara have released their début music video for the single ‘New Day Rises’ taken from their forthcoming E.P.

Set to a brooding, enclosed visual the music video captures the down-tempo feel and isolated tone of Tigwara’s new single. Choosing desolate, disintegrating locales to mirror the overall theme of disconnection and angst conveyed within the narrative.

As Tigwara’s sound takes on a more sudden, visceral frantic scope the imagery begins to respond in kind. Layered effected visuals being to encroach on the piece following the expanding sonic shape of ‘New Day Rising’. Building to a crescendo of stunning, open shot compositions culminating in the evocative finale.

Portraying the intricate meld of electro and indie elements and serene aesthetic of Tigwara’s music, the single’s video enraptures with flashes of visual brilliance and a cohesive narrative that maintains momentum throughout. Coupled with the song’s powerful depth of field and evolving melodic parts ‘New Day Rises’ is an interesting introduction to the Limerick outfit.

Click above to watch the powerful new video ‘New Day Rises’ from Tigwara.


Shot,edited and produced by: Kelan Chadwick,Brian Gleeson & Michael Glesson
Starring: Kate Costello & Mark Hogan.

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