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R.S.A.G – I’ll Be There


Rarely Seen Above Ground (a.k.a Jeremy Hickey) has unveiled his new single ‘I’ll Be There’ accompanied by a visually striking new music video.

Directed by Geppetto and containing a flickering, frantic feel the music video for ‘I’ll Be There’ convey’s the slow-burning groove and shuddering rhythms that form R.S.A.G’s new single.

Constantly progressing and evolving Geppetto’s visuals construct a tapestry of imagery that mirrors the evocative sound and sheer depth of field found with the recording. Washed in a saturated glow that sweeps through the piece, the video cuts to the syncopated beats of ‘I’ll Be There’ at a pace.

‘I’ll Be There’ once again showcases the eclectic style and process that creates R.S.A.G’s singular sound. Infused with rhythm and textural weight, the musician’s latest release persistently pops and clicks with melodic elements that extend the track’s sonic boundaries built on the rattle and hum of the single’s backbone.

Highlighting R.S.A.G’s insistence on never staying still sonically, Hickey moves and develops with each release. From the tense loop of vocals that introduce ‘I’ll Be There’ to the swirling harmonics, layered vocal lines and brooding beat of its finale the musician broadens his scope while still focusing intently on each element that creates the vast soundscape of his music.

Coupled with the equally enthralling use of visuals from Geppetto that accompany the single, R.S.A.G has made a stellar returned and once again set a marker for others to follow.

Click above to watch the new music video from R.S.A.G for ‘I’ll Be There’ directed by Geppetto. 

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