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We Cut Corners – The Button Factory


We Cut Corners translated everything that is captivating about their new album Think Nothing with an equally engrossing performance at the Button Factory on Friday night.

Proceeding the group’s performance singer-songwriter Liza Flume provided a simply flawless opening to the show. An artist clearly on the ascendancy, renditions of ‘What We Call Love’ and ‘Poison’ highlight Flume’s evolution and growth as a live performer.

With the scene set and the bold stage lighting illuminating the venue, the silhouetted figures of We Cut Corners dominated the stage as the duo began to craft a performance that filled both the dynamic and sonic spectrum in equal parts.

Resonating within the Button Factory, the duo’s sound washed over the audience in great harmonic swells as We Cut Corners brought a stunning dynamic aspect to their set. Never feeling offset or lacking in cohesion, the group moved with relative ease from the serene beauty of ‘Wallflowers’ to the shuddering aggressive nature of ‘Best Friend’.

Performed with a joyous vibrancy We Cut Corners seemed to truly enjoy and appreciate each moment of the night. A frantically paced performance of ‘Mammals’ continued to build of the show’s momentum, while a simply gorgeous rendition of ‘Yet’ gave the audience time to pause experience the duo’s ability to slow down the show with a deft twist in tempo.

However, it was a heartbreaking stripped back version of ‘Maybe in the Future’ that resulted in the show’s high water mark. With the bustling crowd brought down to a hush and the duo allowed to convey the intricate nature of the song in the live realm the track was given an added emotive dimension, considering the lush string accompaniment that features on the studio version this was no mean feat.

With We Cut Corners’ live aesthetic expanding and augmenting the core of their music, the feel of the duo’s all-encompassing sound is never lost in translation. Capturing the group live with the energy shown at this moment in time is simply vital. Think Nothing evolved the duo’s sound with a palpable edge, the band’s live performance in the Button Factory was an affirmation of this growth.

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