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Jenn Grant – Spades (live)

Canadian alternative-folk songwriter Jenn Grant is the latest artist to be filmed performing in Unit-1 studios in Dublin. 

From the sudden booming bass and syncopated beat of the ‘Spades’ (taken from the artist’s latest E.P Clairvoyant), Jenn Grant and her band convey the songwriter’s singular sound through a vibrant performance that moves melodically with each hook-laden passage.

Sitting above the steady bedrock of the song’s rhythm section is Jenn Grant’s husky, deeply evocative vocal. Performed with a vivid swagger Grant’s voice engages on every level, conjuring the essence of the artist’s lyrical musings.

Cut to the pounding percussive weight of the music, the video allows the song to dictate the pace and feel of the piece. With the glare of strong lighting, reflective surfaces and ambience of Unit-1 studio providing the perfect setting for Jenn Grant’s organic sound.

Covering a broad spectrum of creativity and beautifully nuanced in its overall delivery, Jenn Grant’s performance as part of the ongoing Unit-1 series showcases the value of the artist’s music through the use of deftly shot visuals.

Watch Jenn Grant perform ‘Spades’ live in Unit-1 studios, Dublin by clicking above. The video was filmed by Laura Sheeran and recorded by Marc Aubele. 


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