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The BQ Trio – These Are Steps (live)

The BQ trio are the most recent group to have a live performance committed to film at Unit-1 studios in Dublin.

From the opening moments of ‘These Are Steps’, the layered vocal harmonies that move in a call and response aesthetic to gradually blend with one another again captivates through the trio’s ability to convey such a deeply enchanting sound.

The inclusive performance setting, with all three members sitting facing each other in the frame provides an intimate visual that allows the BQ trio to weave their complex melodic music in a way that feels effortless.

Captured within the hazy ambience of Unit-1 studios, the atmospheric imagery and beautifully composed camera work uses the studio’s natural mise en scène through mirrored, reflective visuals and chiaroscuro inspired lighting that gives a sense of shape and shade to the video.

The BQ trio’s alternative-folk influenced music and spacious use of melody continues the broaden scope of the Unit-1 live series. A group that simply exude talent with each note, the BQ trio’s performance is eloquently filmed with great flourishes of subtle imagery by Laura Sheeran.

Click above to watch the BQ trio perform ‘These Are Steps’ live in Unit-1 studios, Dublin. Filmed by Laura Sheeran and recorded by Marc Aubele.


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