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The Mixed-Tape | The Altered Hours – Dig Early


In this edition of our song of the week feature “The Mixed-Tape” the spotlight turns to the Altered Hours’ new single ‘Dig Early’, taken from their forthcoming début album.

Infused with a harsh tonal aesthetic, ‘Dig Early’ finds the Altered Hours exploring a more textured, rhythmically aggressive aspect of their visceral sound.

From the single’s opening frantically paced bars, the palpable evolution in the Altered Hours’ music is brought clearly into focus with the tense atmosphere created by screeching synth and percussive moving guitar propelling ‘Dig Early’ ever forward with a sonically melding recording that captures the band’s highly affective live performance, that rumbles with energetic interplay, perfectly.

With a nihilistic tone at its core, the constantly developing percussion and noise influenced elements that construct the recordings deep sonic background is unrelenting in its sheer force, resulting in the Altered Hours’most expansive release to date.

‘Dig Early’s broad spectrum both sonically and rhythmically showcases the Altered Hours continued progression musically. With it’s fierce atmosphere, depth of field, harmonic weight and frenzied nature the single is an exciting indication of the group’s upcoming début L.P.

It is for these reasons that ‘Dig Early’ by the Altered Hours is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”. The single is out now via Art for the Blind.

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