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Laura Sheeran – Spellbook (Preview)


Irish alternative artist Laura Sheeran has unveiled a new teaser trailer for her upcoming third solo album Spellbook.

A unique and bold take on the album format Laura Sheeran has recently been working to create a record that is inspired by video, filmed by Sheeran herself.

Filled with atmospheric, deeply tonal imagery the preview video moves from urban night-time visuals that glare with artificial light to more serene natural landscapes that permeate a feeling of quiet isolation.

Scoring these striking visuals is an ambient, harmonic resonance that broods softly throughout. As the trailer builds to its flickering, percussive crescendo the promise of Laura Sheeran’s next solo album is brought into focus through a palpable tension that is both exciting and engrossing.

The follow-up to Laura Sheeran’s sophomore album What The World KnowsSpellbook will see the musician evolve both sonically and artistically as Sheeran’s deeply visual live performance aesthetic and recent output with Nanu Nanu help to inspire her latest work.

Click below to watch the preview trailer for Laura Sheeran’s forthcoming album Spellbook.

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