Ultan Conlon interview

Ultan Conlon

Singer-songwriter Ultan Conlon speaks to theLastMixedTape about his recent involvement with the soundtrack for independent Irish film Songs For Amy, which will be screened at selected IMC cinemas across the country from May 2nd.

How did you first get involved with ‘Songs for Amy’?

Fiona Graham (Writer, producer) came to one of my gigs and approached me after to say she was writing a film about a musician from Galway and that some of my songs might work. She took away my album and got in touch a little while later. I guess it was that little bit of ‘luck’ you often hear about in the music business.

Before working on ‘Songs for Amy’, was film something that would influence your music?

Very much so. I’m not a big reader and I have always loved film. My first album Bless Your Heart and the track of the same name references the great Stanley Kubrick and also film critic Jonathan Ross. You’d have to hear it, ha ha.

How did recording and producing the soundtrack differ from your solo work?

Very much so as my own work is a personal journey which I figure out as I go along and the film was brought to me with a clear idea of what they wanted so I just had to bring they’re idea to life. It was something I enjoyed immensely. I even got to write a pop song called ‘Strange Love’ for the pop star/villain of the move. Again great fun!

You spent some time on the film’s set. What was the experience like for you?

It involved incredibly long boring days as I would just be called in every so often. I’m sure if you were in the thick of it creatively time would fly. It was kinda like the series ‘Extras’ with Ricky Gervais so there was a good laugh trying to keep ourselves entertained.

Watch the trailer for Songs for Amy by clicking below. Ultan Conlon’s sophomore album Songs of Love So Cruel is out now via iTunes.

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