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I Have A Tribe – Yellow Raincoats

I Have A Tribe has unveiled the music video for ‘Yellow Raincoats’ taken from the artist’s forthcoming début E.P of the same name.

Directed by Emma Nathan, the isolated imagery and deeply evocative visuals blend to create an almost uneasy, symbolist aesthetic that mirrors the syncopated, texturally vast soundscapes of ‘Yellow Raincoats’ itself.

With the visuals moving between large-scale outdoor shots lined with trees that slowly become engulfed in snow to more close-up images that play with reflection, Nathan’s camera blends each scene to the pulse of I Have A Tribe’s music, with the video’s aesthetic tone and feel perfectly matching that of the song.

Containing several simply stunning moments of time-lapsed beauty and wide-open images that leave the indeterminacy of nature play itself out, Emma Nathan’s direction compliments the emotive weight and sonic splendour of ‘Yellow Raincoats’ that gives an added visual dimension to the piece.

The perfect visual introduction to I Have A Tribe’s upcoming E.P, the synthesis between the filmic and sonic elements seem to fit naturally, expanding upon one another’s art.

Click above to watch ‘Yellow Raincoats’ the new music video from I Have A Tribe directed by Emma Nathan. Read theLastMixedTape’s recent interview with I Have A Tribe here.

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