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The Riptide Movement – All Works Out


Dublin indie-rock group the Riptide Movement have released their latest music video for ‘All Works Out’ taken from the album Getting Through.

Starring Amy Huberman and Paul Ronan, the video’s surrealist narrative of Huberman’s character seeing hallucinations of the band themselves serves as unique take on the music video medium with the actresses’ screen presence and captivating central performance serving to keep the story arc believable.

With the video’s brilliant use of shot composition, containing several nods to 1975 film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and shifting narrative viewpoints heighten the visual’s sense of absurdity in a way that is engaging and progressive, with large angular shapes and desaturated colour palette lend themselves to the overall visual tone of the video.

Cut to the pounding, rhythmical nature of the Riptide Movement’s latest single ‘All Works Out’, the video captures the music’s large-scale indie-rock sound and percussive melodic backdrop. A hook-laden, succinct track, ‘All Works Out’ is an exciting affirmation of the band’s latest album, Getting Through.

Click below to watch the Riptide Movement’s new music video for ‘All Works Out’ starring Amy Huberman. Getting Through is out now.


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