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Record Store Gay 2014 promo video


Annual music event Record Store Gay has unveiled there 2014 promotional video featuring a stripped down cover of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution’.

Directed by Vincent Gallagher and capturing the inclusive, fun atmosphere of Record Store Gay the video is a vibrant affirmation of the events concept as the narrative follows several of musicians involved with this year’s compilation of covers performing to the camera on the streets of Dublin.

Interestingly cut and choreographed the one-shot influenced aesthetic of the video meanders around those involved who are clearly enjoying the shoot, translating the mood and tone of Record Store Gay as the video finally ends with bringing together the events logo outside the Outhouse community and resource centre in Dublin.

Record Store Gay 2014 will run on Saturday April 19th at the Outhouse Dublin from 12pm – 6pm and will then move on to Pantibar from 6pm – 11pm. Read theLastMixedTape’s interview with event organizers Áine Beamish and Andy Walsh here.

For more information follow them on Facebook or twitter and to listen to last year’s participants click here. For information on Outhouse visit

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