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The Mixed-Tape | Ham Sandwich – Illuminate


In this edition of our song of the week feature “The Mixed-Tape” we add the latest single from indie-pop outfit Ham Sandwich, ‘Illuminate’.

From the sudden opening vibrant pulse of ‘Illuminate’ the simply sublime indie-pop aesthetic of the single comes into focus through the vivid tapestry of melodies and hook-laden elements which follow in its wake.

With a constantly evolving harmonic nature, Ham Sandwich provide a dynamic sound that effortlessly glides from moments of sheer melodic opulence to more deft flourishes of sonic beauty. Large swells of strings, syncopated guitar rhythms and moving percussion pop and click within the recordings vast production giving a truly transcendent sound.

Above the large-scale aesthetic of pounding beats and melodic progression sits the enchanting, emotive vocal which delivers each lyric with a palpable sense of performance. The stylistic aspect of Niamh Farrell’s voice never feels overpowered by the lush production of ‘Illuminate’ but instead works to draw the listener further into the single’s rich myriad of soundscapes.

Ham Sandwich translate the real joyous feel and tone of ‘Illuminate’ through engaging performances, highly-stylised pop production and pin point songwriting. ‘Illuminate’ is a shining example of how music can both engage and capture the imagination in equal parts.

It is for these reasons that ‘Illuminate’ by Ham Sandwich is this weeks addition to “The Mixed-Tape”. The single is out now via iTunes.

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