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Otherkin – SLN

Alternative-rock group Otherkin have unveiled their latest music video for the single ‘SLN’ taken from the band’s current E.P As A High.

Directed by Narayan Van Maele, the video’s strong use of imagery almost takes on a montage effect as the shots edit from one striking visual to the next in keeping with the persistent beat of Otherkins’ all encompassing alternative-rock sound.

Interspersed with scenes of the band themselves performing while projected patterns dance on the walls behind them the palpable creativity of the piece permeates throughout.

Using well-crafted shot composition and stylish set design Van Maele’s direction is allowed to interweave and meander between the symbolist themes, sharp angled designs and metaphorical imagery that populates the ‘SLN’ video’s mise en scène as the uneasy aesthetic of the piece mirrors that heavy brooding atmosphere of Otherkins’ new single.

With actors Ali Jack and Peter J. Smith capturing the attention with each scene they appear, Van Maele deeply visual approach conveys the sheer, vast scope of Otherkin’s current single with a interpretation that compliments the music rather than detracts from it.

Click above to watch the new video from Otherkin for ‘SLN’ directed by Narayan Van Maele and starring Ali Jack and Peter J. Smith.



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